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SYOA offers nutrition coaching with a behavioral change, personal development and focus on hormonal imbalances approach, combining nutrition to improve your health, lifestyle and build longevity.

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SYOA Nutrion Plans

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Find a plan for you.

The different levels and options of membership lets you pick the plan that best suits you.

Get your 360 Nutrition Care Plan Assessment

I build a complete picture of you by assessing you thoroughly.

Individualized Nutrition Plan

From eating, exercise and new habits to sleep and more I create a tailored plan for you.

Meet your nutrition coach

As a nutritionist and your nutrition coach. I want to get to know you as a person and your personal health and lifestyle goals.We spend time learning about you.

Ongoing support, empowerment and education

You have unlimited support and communication with me throughout the day within operating hours.

Enjoy and see results

Tracking your progress is an essential part of your plan not only to ensure that you are meeting, but also exceeding your goals.




SYOA, an evidenced & individual-based nutrition coaching and educational platform that provides support, empowerment, and education to help others build a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle.


I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Scarleth! She’s been great with her communication and is always available to provide guidance and keep me on track with my goals...

Indulge in New Recipes


Creating recipes that represent a balanced approach of eating to help cultivate your relationship with food and rid that concept of labeling food as good or bad foods.



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My journey through the lens of the camera

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Scarleth Castro,BA Nutritionist, Health & Fitness Educator

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