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The practice of living an intentional lifestyle

Integrative wellness is the practice of living an intentional lifestyle that supports the whole person to engage in all aspects of wellbeing; mind, body and spirit.

SYOA aims to transition clients from reactive care to proactive care to help them live a preventative lifestyle through a holistic approach to a balanced nutrition, movement, education and massage therapy.

SYOA provides individualized, evidence-based nutrition and group fitness coaching focused on uncovering and improving hormonal imbalances with intentional programming.


Milestone 1 

(6-month membership commitment)

  • Level: Designed for the individual who has little to zero knowledge in nutrition.

  • Best for: individuals ready to commit and invest their time on their health to learn quality and intentional nutritional education, to build optimal health from the foundation up and pivot from ping-ponging around to a sustainable and tenacious lifestyle.

Milestone 2

(6-month membership commitment)

  • Level: Intermediate - advanced, average or good knowledge in nutrition.

  • Best for: individuals with nutrition knowledge, previous history of minimum of 12 months lifestyle changes and habits, taken a break due to life events, previous coaching plan did not align well or is embarking in a new life phase (ex. Prenatal, postpartum, competing in a sport, healing the body) This milestone helps you regain momentum, accountability, guidance and learning new things. Whether the goal is metabolic, body recomposition, improving performance and/or any specific health, nutrition & life goal.

Milestone 3

(month-month, must complete M1 & M2)

  • Level: Advanced, after completion of M1 or M2

  • Best for: this plan becomes a continuous growth Accountability & Support month to month nutrition coaching program once M1 or M2 is completed. You can continue working on your health and nutrition goals moving towards a new phase and new goals in your life, ongoing assistance from your coach. The difference in this phase is the reduction of check-ins, by one a month.

Leave anytime with a 30 day cancellation notice requirement.**

One Time
Macronutrient Calculation

(every 8 week macro adjustments)

  • Provide assessment, we work on figuring out your goals and help you figure out the right amount of food to eat based on your individual goals. I leave you with an 8-week plan. We meet every eight weeks.

One Time
Nutrition Consultation

(We offer one-time or quarterly (4x per year) consultations)

  • This is a space designed to cover and address any area or topic related to your health that you may need guidance on. Each consultation is focused on helping you better understand your health, from empowering and preparing you to discuss your health with your doctor, to learn more about your hormones, infertility, brain health, digestive health, progesterone, estrogen or serotonin to simply learning how to help a family member. This space is yours.


Transform You

(1-on-1 virtual program)

  • An intentional program tailored to your individual goals and needs. This program differs from our TRANSFORM program, in many ways. In our TRANSFORM YOU, we work together on a 1-on-1 online coaching, where your lifts and movements are audited and the program is completely unique to you, we address any pain prior to loading you. The program meets you where you are, while empowering you to achieve big wins!

Transform General Program

  • Our intentional programming, designed to guide, empower and empower you to move your body. This program will allow you to train through different modalities during a year of progressive overload. The goal is to help you improve your cardiovascular system, build strength and muscle, as well as to achieve an overall, well rounded fitness.

Movement & Lift Assessment

  • Lifting audits provide you with an individual approach and a comprehensive analysis of your lifts, focusing on body mechanics, learning how your body moves uniquely. If assessment determines movement imbalances, we go over areas of improvement, and provide you with key takeaways of exercises/drills to help improve those movement imbalances , while empowering your strengths. We focus on 3 movements of your choice. We spend time working on proper movement, form and technique to help prevent injury and help you build durability and longevity.


(Practical, Accessible, Corrective Exercise)

  • Empower your wellness with the health of movement to keep your joints, ligaments and tendons healthy. This program places a big emphasis on the importance of stretching daily. We help you stay on track with intentional

In person group coaching

Registration now available

  • Move your body with our intentional programming, designed to guide, empower and help you move your body. This option allows you to join our SYOA community in person and workout with others in a group setting.

Book a Consultation

A 30 minute introductory consultation is held through Zoom or in-person for $50

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