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Views and Disclaimer

The information, views and recommendations on this website and any related social media platforms (including Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest) are solely the opinions, beliefs and researched work done by Scarleth Castro based on her professional experience as a nutritionist, health and fitness educator. 

Statements and educational content on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The statements and educational content is meant for educational purposes only, and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. The content on this website is general recommendations and are not intended to be used as a substitute or replacement for professional medical advice.

Readers are advised to do their own research, and to always consult with their healthcare provider before starting any program or taking any advice from Spin Your Own Axis, LLC, owned and operated by Scarleth Castro. 

Scarleth Castro, as well as any contributors to this website claim no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any adverse effects, losses, or damages caused directly or indirectly as a result of the implementation, interpretation, or application of any of the content or material on this website.

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Please note that although many of the links on this website are purely for educational purposes, some of the links are affiliate links. Spin Your Own Axis, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 

This means that if you make a purchase through affiliate links on this website (or any related social media platforms (including Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest), we may make a small commission from that purchase. 

Earned commissions go to supporting the mission of Spin Your Own Axis, LLC and keeping this website up to date and running.

All products or finds are shared with the outmost honesty. I would never link a product without a purpose or belief in it. 

User Guidelines, Intellectual Property & Respect

Spin Your Own Axis, LLC respects intellectual property rights and expects you to do the same. We’ve established a few ground rules for you to follow when using any of our services and content provided on this website, to make sure Spin Your Own Axis, LLC platforms stay enjoyable for everyone. You must follow these rules and should encourage other users/ visitors to do the same.

As a content creator all of the work displayed herein is a result of the passion, knowledge and hard work that is invested to create evidenced based & educational nutrition, health and fitness content, along with homemade recipes, photography, programs, & lessons.

All content is the property of Spin Your Own Axis, LLC. Spin Your Own, LLC may use resources like books, peer reviewed journals, first or secondhand sources to create content, or use inspiration from other health, nutrition and exercise science professionals. All due credit will be listed and link to its appropriate author.

Please give credit to the author of any content or images from this website, whether owned by Spin Your Own Axis, LLC, any guest contributor or any cited and credited content on this website. I will take legal action if anyone takes any content from this site and uses it as their own.

If you’d like to use any of copy from this site, use the following requirements at the top or bottom of the post with the website hyperlinked:

“Written by Scarleth Castro, Nutritionist from Spin Your Own Axis, LLC, Nutrition, Health and Fitness Service & Educational Platform". Scarleth is a Nutritionist, Health and Fitness Educator from Spin Your Own Axis, LLC.

If you share any content from this website on a blog, social media, or anywhere else, please give credit by using the above and linking directly back to the original content.

All designs, content and photos must be credited and linked to the original post. The following is not permitted for any reason whatsoever:

  1. copying, redistributing, reproducing, altering, transferring, or displaying to the public, broadcasting, or making available to the public any part of the Spin Your Own Axis, LLC Services including programs, courses, lessons, seminars or the Content, or otherwise making any use of the Spin Your Own Axis, LLC Service or the Content which is not expressly permitted under the Agreements or applicable law or which otherwise infringes the intellectual property rights (such as copyright) in the Spin Your Own Axis, LLC Service or the Content or any part as your own work; claim ownership or anyone who has not purchased it or opted to receive it.

  2. selling, renting, sublicensing or leasing of any part of the Spin Your Own Axis, LLC Service or the Content.

Spin Your Own Axis, LLC reserves the right to remove any comments that may be deemed inappropriate, hurtful, or malicious. There will be zero tolerance to cyber or verbal bullying, hate, or negative comments on this website or any of Spin Your Own Axis, LLC platforms.

Return & Cancellation Policy

All nutrition services sales from “SYOA” are final, except for seminar/lessons cancelled 14 days prior to scheduled date. We understand life happens, and emergencies do occur. However, we also hope you understand our commitment to all of our clients and the preparation that goes into creating a successful class. For this reason, we offer a partial refund for seminars/lessons cancelled in the following timeframe.


  • If you need to cancel a scheduled seminar. You can cancel within 14 days prior to the scheduled date to receive a partial refund. Spin Your Own Axis, LLC will issue a partial refund of 60% of total amount of seminar’s cost and will keep 40% of total amount for any work done, materials purchased and for time slot lost for future business.


  • If you need to cancel a scheduled seminar within 1-7 days prior to the scheduled date. Spin Your Own Axis, LLC reserves the right to be compensated for work done, materials purchased, and time slot lost for business. Therefore, no refund will be issued within this period. 


  • We encourage you to reschedule for a future date if you need to cancel. In this case, please call ahead and make appropriate changes.

To cancel seminar booking, please fill out our cancellation form found at the bottom of our home page or on the footer section. Cancellation form MUST be filled out and submitted by the 14th day prior to event at 11:59 EST. You must include your full name, address, and reason of cancellation. You will receive a response from Spin Your Own Axis, LLC via email acknowledging receipt of cancellation form with details of refund. All refunds are discretionary as determined by Spin Your Own Axis, LLC. Please allow 7-10 business days for full refund to appear in your method of payment.

Termination of Service Policy

If you decide to terminate any services pertaining to nutrition programs or any recurring monthly services please do so by filling out our cancellation form.


Security & Assumption of Risk

Security:It is your responsibility to secure your username and password. We do not store any whole credit card numbers or payment information, as these are processed through third party processors: Square, Stripe and PayPal. By utilizing these payment processors, you assume all risk or liability for the security of the payment details.

Confidentiality:You have no right to confidentiality unless otherwise explicitly stated, such as in a subsequent client agreement.

Assumption of Risk

By accessing ANY material on this site, you assume all the risk of your access and any subsequent actions you choose to take as a result of the influence, information or educational materials provided to you.

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