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Welcome to SYOA

Spin Your Own Axis, LLC affectionately known as SYOA, is an evidence-based integrative wellness, health consulting and massage therapy health clinic.


SYOA services are divided into two sectors; 1) working with individuals 2) working with organizations as a consultant.

In both sectors, SYOA offers a comprehensive, holistic and preventative health approach - by combining - nutrition, fitness, massage therapy and education, to help their clients achieve hormone health, physical health and optimal well-being.

Introducing Scarleth

C. Scarleth Castro MSc., known as Scarleth or Scar, is a multi-passionate leader and health practitioner with years of experience in nutrition, kinesiology (the study of human movement), hormone health, massage therapy, research, public health and working with diverse populations, including underrepresented, low-income and minority populations and across different life cycles.

Scarleth is dedicated to your health; as a health practitioner, her core foundations are based on guidance, support, education, and empowerment to help her clients make positive and important health decisions. She works thoroughly with you and your medical team to create a care plan that will help you thrive in health and create longevity.

I believe that education is empowering, and knowledge is power. The more we know; the better we can live, the healthier we can live, and the longer we can live.​

Book a Consultation

A 30 minute introductory consultation is held through Zoom or in-person for $50

Areas of Expertise

Scarleth offers knowledge and support in a variety of areas, including;

Through SYOA, Scarleth offers:

Book a Consultation

A 30 minute introductory consultation is held through Zoom or in-person for $50

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