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SYOA Mission

Drive change; to help others thrive in health by empowering individuals in an all-around compass.

The mission is to work on health.behavior.quality.exercise.longevity; all a driving force behind building a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. We focus on creating thoughtful, workable & attainable goals, provide guidance, support, empowerment, education and be a source of accountability for our clients.


Hello Friends!

I am Scarleth Castro, a multi-passionate leader, who wears severals hats in my life. I am a wife, business owner, kinesiologist, nutritionist, scientist, educator, health researcher, creator and life learner behind Spin Your Own Axis, LLC.

I believe that education is empowering, and knowledge is power. The more we know; the better we can live, the healthier we can live, and the longer we can live.​

I offer years of experience in the health field with an extensive academic career, where I've found a passion in areas, such as, Endocrine health (hormones) including body stress, brain health, digestive health, cardiometabolic health (diabetes, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, weight management), pediatric health, fertility health in women and men and postpartum health.


Further, my passion expands in connecting our physiology with food and movement; understanding and combining the powerful blend of nutrition and movement to improve and promote preventative health. 

This is why my mission is to serve our community through nutrition, health and fitness coaching centered around education, support and empowerment to you take care of your ever-evolving body.

I want to make my client's adaptable to whatever situation they’re in, as well as to help improve and increase durability.


"Durability is giving clients the ability to do what they love better, longer and to not get hurt". 


In this space you will be able to enjoy science-based, empowering and impactful material surrounding topics of nutrition, health and exercise science (written for everyone to understand removing the complexity of science lingo to make it easy to ingest).

Together with offering a mix of simple, wholesome & homemade recipes, lifestyle management, self-care and personal development tools to help you create your journey to a sustainable life and build longevity.
Salmon in Sauce

Qualifications & Professional Work

Download Curriculum Vitae (CV) 


On the road to becoming a future Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in the state of Virginia and continuing my academic career as a Ph.D. student in Nutrition.

Master's of Science in Kinesiology.

George Mason University, 2021

Bachelor's of Arts in Communication, Journalism & Nutrition.

George Mason University, 2020

Member of American Society of Nutrition

Master's Thesis: Demographic Factors Associated with Attendance and Attrition among Participants of Vidas Activas y Familias Saludables (VALÉ), a Pediatric Weight Management Program for Latino Families

SYOA Nutrition Plans


SYOA Fitness Coaching

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