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Welcome to my poster; I am a master graduate candidate and a graduate research assistant at George Mason University working on a pediatric obesity research.

This poster covers Predictors of Attendance and Attrition among Participants of Vidas Activas y Familias Saludables (VALÉ), a Pediatric Weight Management Program for Latino Families.

The objective is to assess demographic predictors of attrition and attendance among Latino children and their families participating in VALÉ.

Multidisciplinary and culturally adapted pediatric obesity treatment programs have been suggested for ethnic minority populations such as Latinos.


A low attendance and high attrition have shown to be a factor among obesity intervention programs.


Attrition has been shown to influence health outcomes in adult obesity, but there is limited research targeting the underserved population in Latino pediatric obesity. 

The abstract demonstrates the findings.

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Scarleth Castro,BA Nutritionist, Health & Fitness Educator

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