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Shop our new release:
Don't you dare dim your light Collection

Our  SYOA T-shirt & Sweatshirt: Don't You Dare Dim Your Light is a collaboration collection done together with The Uncommon Rose Embroidery, who is embroidering our pieces and is our distributor.

Amanda helped me craft these pieces by adopting one of my favorite quotes. I use this quote as my daily mantra. It serves as a reminder for me to be my truest self and give my best in everything I do; no matter what.


I believe this collection will help inspire you to let your uniqueness shine through everything you do.


Let your life soar and BE authentically YOU!


SYOA Collab T-shirt:

Don't You Dare Dim Your Light

$28.00 +


SYOA Collab Sweatshirt:

Don't You Dare Dim Your Light

$35.00 +

(Available in Youth and Adults sizes)

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