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Nutrition Coaching Plans

Where you begin your journey

√ Learn to gradually shift from previous lifestyle to a new lifestyle

√ Start to establish habits and routines

All programs require a commitment of minimum 3 months.


  • Milestone 1 will be charged monthly via recurring payment through card charge.


  • Milestone 2 a & 2 b will be charged monthly via recurring payment through  card charge.

  • One-time Macro Calculation can be paid through one-time card payment.

What program should I enroll in? Find a Plan for you!

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The plans below are simply defining the level of nutrition programs SYOA offers. Based on your Nutritional Care Assessment we determine which plan is the best fit for you individually.

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  •  Milestone 1: is designed for the average client who has little to zero knowledge in nutrition. This program requires a 3 months commitment based on how the program timeline is designed to teach an individual the nutrition basics.

  • Milestone 2a: becomes a continuous growth Accountability & Support month to month nutrition coaching program once M1 is completed to continue working on your health and nutrition goals.

  • Milestone 2b: is designed for the average intermediate - advanced client with some or good knowledge in nutrition who is looking for accountability, support and guidance. Whether looking to focus on metabolic, body re-composition, improve performance or/and work on any specific individual health, nutrition & life goals. This program requires a minimum of 2 months commitment.

  • One-time macro calculation: is a one-time service. I provide assessment, we work on figuring out your goals, and help you figure out the right amount of food to eat based on your individual goals.

$130 USD
$140 USD
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