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How to Live a Healthy Life!

In the modern day, health trends have seen a dramatic spike.

We live in the healthiest time in human existence with ample resources for people to learn about their bodies and find ways to become healthier.

In the developed world, we often get lost in the constant and overwhelming stream of health and fitness information. In the midst of this, it is important to realize that success doesn’t lie in what kind of training, supplements or the types of foods one does or chooses to avoid.

Lasting and noticeable results happen as a result of structure in any health pursuit. I would like to talk about three very important aspects of structure. These disciplines can help guide us along in our health and fitness journey.


From time to time, someone will approach me with a health related question. These questions tend to be along the lines of what type of workout or foods are best to lose/gain weight.

My answer is always the same. I advice them that in whatever form of training they pursue and whatever diet they choose, they must stay consistent.

As a Crossfitter, I know firsthand of the amazing benefits that my training brings. It is for this reason that I am often tempted to instruct people to train my way.

The same goes for my confidence in my own personal eating habits. Imposing my routine and practices isn’t always the best way to help someone along their fitness journey because our bodies are all different.

I believe that there should be an element to your diet and training that you are comfortable with and generally enjoy.

This allows for more consistency in the long run. However, this doesn't take away from the fact that starting ANY type of physical activity or diet and sticking with it for a while will always bring noticeable results.

It could be walking a mile every day, hitting the nearest globo-gym or taking a Pilates class. Getting out there and moving your body is enough to spark change for the better in one’s health if you are patient and give it some effort.


Have you ever heard that phrase...

everything in moderation

I agree with this statement, especially when it comes to nutrition. People who have a love for health & fitness, and know of the importance of nutrition, may give a side-eye to such a casual remark about food.

This is because one often cannot expect to meet their goals by consuming whatever without a balance.

And this is true, but I see this popular phrase a little differently. If one possesses a basic knowledge of wholesome nutrition, and chooses whole food options for the majority of their diet, success is on the horizon.

I strongly believe in the 80/20 rule of nutrition. If 80% of your diet consists of meats, vegetable, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar and the remain 20% contains your favorite foods and treats we won’t break our gains.

I love this approach to nutrition because it is sustainable. No one can “diet” forever.


The final key to success is persistence. No one’s perfect. At some point, life happens and our fitness can take a turn for the worse. Even though things happen, we can still fight to be diligent and get back on track.

A bad weekend full of drinks and treats doesn’t have to turn into a month because we tell ourselves that we may as well quit. We can still win!

This kind of persistence has a lot to do with our mindset & perspective of our personal health.

Our wellbeing has to be a lifestyle. If you would like to become a healthier you, you have to fight to be that person every day. Even when sh*t hits the fan. Take these reminders with you into 2019 and know that with a little direction and a lot of determination you can reach your goals! JUST STICK WITH IT! Stay persistent!

Written by,

Coach Will


To enjoy more on Will Oliver Fitness topics on sports, recovery, fuel, mobility, mindset and so much more visit his website! Follow him on IG @willoliverfitness or catch one of his Crossfit classes at CF West Springfield!

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