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70 Percent of the Immune System is housed in the gut.

The gut is responsible for putting our body in working order.


🧪absorption of nutrients

🧪breaking down of food

🧪hormonal balance & production

🧪energy production

🧪mental health

... more.


It houses around 500 species and three pounds of bacteria.


Particularly, gut commensal bacteria is essential for boosting a healthy immune system.


Your immune system is made up of 4 teams:


⭐️lymphatic system

⭐️antigens & antibodies

⭐️gut microbiome


It’s biggest role is protecting us from disease and responding to any foreign and infectious microbes.


The gut microbiota(GM) and immune system (IS) have a mutual relationship to help regulate and support one another.


This relationship between both GM & IS is established as early as birth.


In other words, both are codependent of one another.


To keep a good balance between both it is important to focus on feeding our gut with foods that will help bacteria thrive.


Therefore, it is no surprise that nutrition influences many aspects of the gut-immune system crosstalk. So, next time you go shopping.


Add these foods to your grocery list:







🌿Brussel sprouts



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📄Disclaimer: Always consult with your doctor first.


Eat well and stay active,

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