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A Peek inside an Apple

Apples are among the most frequently consumed fruits with high rich sources of fiber, polyphenol [4] and phytochemicals, chemical compounds produced by plants like quercetin, atechin, phloridzin and chlorogenic acid, all of which are strong antioxidants to help fight pathogens. [1]

Several studies compiled by Boyer & Liu have shown a link between consuming apples and a decrease risk in cancer, by and large lung cancer. [1]

Moreover, due to its principal mediators like polyphenols and fiber, this fruit has also demonstrated to have preventative health effects against cardiovascular disease [4], a chronic and common disease that kills one person every 37 seconds. [2]

Here is an in vivo animal study which suggested apples play a protective role against intestinal inflammation. [5]

So, if you are someone experiencing inflammation have in mind that perhaps adding some apples into your daily nutrition may help reduce this. (Disclaimer:please always consult with your doctor.)

Again, because of its high anti-inflammatory properties this high in rich sources fruit can also be beneficial in improving and preventing asthma, as asthma is a chronic inflammatory lung disease. [3] The antioxidants can reduce airway inflammation by protecting it from oxidants. [3]

Additionally, you can enjoy sources of vitamin C & E, potassium and magnesium through this juicy fruit.[4]

How to enjoy them:
  • Bake them with some spices (Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg etc.)

  • Chop and add to your salads.

  • Blend them into your smoothies.

  • Mix them into your grain bowls.

  • Add into your pancake batter

  • The most common, apple sticks with almond and peanut butter

  • Bake a pie

  • Make your own home-made apple sauce

  • Whip an apple mock cocktail

And the list goes on…


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