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A reshift focus on behavior rather than Adipose Tissue, body fat.

The human body is composed of “four molecular level components: water, fat, proteins and minerals” (Borga et al., 2018, n.p)

However, one of the most intriguing components of all that most commonly garners attention is adipose tissue (fat). This is  in part due to some well studied and concluded association between fat and high health issues.

Both not enough fat or too much fat in the body present risks to health and life.

Here are three misconceptions of thinking many share in common:

  • Focus on weight alone

  • I need to control my weight to lose fat

  • Focus on short term endeavors

These 3 misconceptions are often associated with weight = fat.

It isn’t our weight that we need to control, but it’s the fat in our body in proportion to lean (body composition). But in reality trying to control our body composition is impossible. However, what we can control is our behavior- that’s what we CAN control and what we should focus on so that the rest (fat + body comp) can improve.

How do we do this? One habit at a time, focus on behaviors that can help achieve and maintain healthy body composition:

  • Exercise (workout performing any fitness modality)

  • Movement (this should be throughout the day)

  • Avoid sporadic burst of “dieting”

  • Focus on a well balanced nutrition

  • Sleep 7-9 hrs

  • Drink 1/2 in body weight in oz of

  • + 10-15 oz for every hour of exercise.

Start with one habit at a time, and give less focus to the number on the scale- it’s JUST a number that really only helps us understand a few things, but really doesn’t tell the WHOLE story our body.


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