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Brewing for health: Brewing method matters for health!


ewing for health.

Whether it’s coffee or tea. I’m neither team one nor the other, but I enjoy both.

Opinions on coffee vary, from person to person and this depends on how each individual metabolizes it.

However, in light of becoming more aware of the science behind our brewing methods and the impact it has on our health. Let’s dig in.

It turns out that the brewing method of coffee has the power to dictate not only its taste but the important elements in coffee that either promote or affect our health:

- level of caffeine
- release/retain natural oil diterpenes (cafestol & kahweol)
- level of antioxidant
- level of toxicity

There are several types of brewing methods and through the various methods they are either filtered or unfiltered.

Filtered coffee uses paper or cloth filtration like drip or pour-over.

On the other hand, unfiltered coffee doesn’t go through a paper filter; either it’s completely unfiltered or it runs through a metal filter, which allows the oils to pass through methods like the French Press, Moka pot etc.

Benefits of filtered coffee:

Retain natural oils like diterpenes (cafestol & kahweol).

Research has linked that a substantial amount of diterpenes consumption can raise serum levels of LDL, bad cholesterol. (Coffee & Health Org. Retreived January 24, 2020)

However, a study found in the Journal of Lipid Research demonstrated that Norwegians who habitually consumed 5-9 cups of boiled coffee per day had higher serum. (Weusten-Van der Wouwet al., 1994) Anything less did not see any effects.

Benefits of unfiltered coffee:

-BPA free, made of glass or stainless steel

-Does not require bleached filters that produce carcinogenic effects

-Less likely to build mold growth like other methods like coffee pods machines

-Provides coffees natural oils which preserves cancer- fighting polyphenols.

Other peer reviewed articles show that Cafestol and Kahweol bioactive properties have a potential positive action in health.

These compounds have revealed to demonstrate actions that aid with anti-inflammation, hepatoprotective, anti-cancer and anti-diabetic properties. (Ren et al., 2019)

In addition, Cafestol and Kahweol has also shown beneficial effects in antitumor properties of leukemia cell lines by [exhibiting] “the highest cytotoxicity against HL60 and KG1 cells”. (Lima et al., 2017)

I know this was a longer post than my usual short post. However, I deem important to share as much information as I can condense in the most digestible non-complex form for you my valuable readers.

Therefore, with the above-mentioned information. I believe you can make those important health decisions for yourself and loved one when it comes to the method to brew your coffee.

All in all, coffee’s antioxidants, natural oils and compounds offer a whopping list of health benefits. But the health benefits truly lie in the method of preparation so that we can enjoy them at its full potential.

Both filtered and unfiltered coffee offer pros and cons.

Filtered coffee is safe, but limits the release of natural oils from providing its full benefits. While, unfiltered coffee is also safe, and does allow for natural oils to be released. However, aggressively consuming coffee through this method can affect our health negatively.

In the end, it really is finding a balance on consuming caffeine and how we consume it, too.

Choose your poison carefully. Don’t forget education is empowering.

Eat well and stay active,



Ren, Y., Wang, C., Xu, J., & Wang, S. (2019). Cafestol and Kahweol: A Review on Their Bioactivities and Pharmacological Properties. International journal of molecular sciences, 20(17), 4238. doi:10.3390/ijms20174238

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