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Brown rice v. White Rice myth debunking!

Debunking some myths about brown rice being superior to white rice.

Each food group serves a different purpose in humans at different times in our life span. It is unfair to categorize foods, people and things into one simple category.

In order to make a viable decision whether certain foods add value to us individually we must look at the whole picture. 

The difference between both rice’s in terms of nutritional and caloric breakdown is very little as you can see above - - truthfully they vary by manufacturer to manufacturer. Here is a look at the whole picture

Brown rice:

✅1 or 2g more in fiber

✅ higher source of manganese (45%), magnesium (11 %)of RDI

✅ equal source of selenium (14%)

✅ more ideal for those with pre-diabetes and diabetes

✅ more ideal for those with cardiac health conditions

✅ slow digesting carb

❌Less folate

❌More phytic acid present

❌More arsenic acid present

White rice enriched and unenriched:

✅ more Folate

✅ equal source of selenium

✅ less phytic acid

✅ less arsenic acid

✅ pregnant woman will benefit from the extra folate found in enriched white rice.

✅ people who may need to be on a lower fiber diet to reset their digestive system may benefit from white rice as it is easier to digest

✅ athletes may benefit from white rice as it is a fast digesting carb

❌1 or 2g less in fiber

❌Less manganese

❌Less magnesium

In the end, there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” foods. Each food as value to our health in different ways as well as undermines our health in different ways. As much as we want to argue that one is better or worse. We just can’t.

It comes down to our personal health needs, individual goals and individual phases of life.


creating/adding a balance and variety of foods  to our meals

living a conscious lifestyle

spending less of our valuable time categorizing foods into one category

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