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Home Decor: Tips to building a charming home office space.

I’ve always had a home office space, but I never had time to make it really cozy, inspiring and add some charm to it.


After being sick I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and think about life and how beautiful it is.


And, how I don’t want to ever miss an opportunity to live life fully and presently. —————————————————————————————

And, how I never want to miss an opportunity on doing those things I truly love and enjoy- - and making my surroundings as beautiful and inspiring as I can.


So here are some tips to making your home office space cozy, inspiring and charming.


🌱 Recycle: whether it’s reusing items you already have at home in your living room, bedroom etc. You can shop at home and switch things up from one space to the next.


🌱 Make it your zen: Use positive words for your wall art to help inspire you and refocus your thoughts everyday when you look at it. —————————————————————————————

🌱Less is more: declutter your space. Keep it clean with only 1-3 things on your desk.


🌱Make it yours: add those things that bring YOU happiness, books, candles, plants. There is no right or wrong. It’s your space.


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