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How to Measure Your Health

Health similar to success is measured differently depending on the individual and his/her beliefs.

However, science doesn’t lie and neither does your body.

Health indicators are variables that reflect the state of health of a person.

For instance, constant bloating and stomach discomfort can be a huge indicator of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). A very commonly, yet not normal health issue among both men and women.

Findings support that approximately 90% of individuals who suffer from IBS suffer from bloating. [3]

Further having IBS can have an impact in disturbing the balance in the brain and gut connection causing a havoc in hormones like serotonin levels. [4]

Another example of signs to be aware of are: your body could be producing high levels of testosterone (T) which is more than the ‘male sex hormone’ as it an important contributor of other functions like metabolic functioning of multiple body systems.[1]

T is a hormone found in both men and women, with males producing higher concentrations than female.

In men, too much T can be a culprit of:

Low libido
Breast-like features
Mood changes


In women, too much T can be the culprit of:

Irregular periods
Difficulty getting pregnant
Low libido
Weight gain

If you are experiencing unusual and/or more than frequently symptoms any of the aforementioned above. It may time to listen to your body.

Spend time working on connecting your mind-body responses and/or seek medical advice from your doctor.

In addition, nutrition has been established to help improve health outcomes like hormonal imbalances, IBS, headaches, acne etc. it would be worth your investment to connect with a Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian to help you thrive in health and help you identify those variable that may be hindering your from feeling and doing your best.

Constant dieting AKA being in a deficit may negatively impact your hormones like T increased levels. [5]

This is where the individualism of nutrition coaching comes into play. Someone experiencing any of the variables mentioned above will need to eat differently to repair any deficiencies, imbalances or disruptions in the body.

A well-rounded diet with sufficient healthy fat ratio diet may be more ideal for an individual with an imbalance of T hormone. In addition, studies have found that vitamin A, C and E may play a positive role in hormone production in the pituitary-gonadal axis in humans and rats. [2,6,7]


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