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Immunity Wellness Tea and its benefits.

Immunity Wellness tea.

In the past few weeks I’ve found comfort in a lot of home remedies including hot teas that offer a plethora of health boosting benefits.

Whether you are experiencing the COVID-19 symptoms or recovering from it. Our bodies need to continue consuming immune strengthening and fighting agents as much as possible.

Here is why this tea is a great recipe to help you feel better, promote your health and reduce your discomfort. 

Fresh orange slices offer Vitamin C, contributes to immune defense by supporting various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune system.[1]

Thyme has shown significant anti-inflammatory properties reducing transcription factors and pro inflammatory cytokines in human bronchial and tracheal cells. [2]

Turmeric helps fight inflammation and viral infections. It helps the body naturally cleanse the respiratory tract. [5]

Ginger can be highly effective against nausea, muscle pain, improve heart disease and chronic indigestion.

Echinacea tea, this plant has been identified as having anti- bacterial, inflammatory and antioxidant properties that makes it good to count with to help you fight the flu and shortening the symptoms. [3] In addition, aids in healthy cell growth and helps manage anxiety. [4]


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