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Individuality: Genetic, Nutrition and Disease

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Are Genetics, Nutrition and Disease linked?

Yes and no.

It is important to understand:

there is a diet [nutrition] and health connection.

Yes, absolutely.

Your choice of diet profoundly affects your health. Yes, absolutely.

Many people suffer from serious health conditions that could have been prevented had they known and applied the nutrition principles (rightfully). Yes, absolutely.

However, there are other instances where health conditions may have not been prevented by nutrition alone.

It is important to note that not all diseases are developed as a result of poor diet. 

Other factors like genetics play a huge role.

For instance, some cancers are due to:

Genetics - your genes- hereditary

 Environment - your surroundings- what you consume (food, hair, skin, cleaning products etc.)

Genetic Environment - a combination of your hereditary genes + a product of what you are consuming and your surroundings 

So, why is this valuable to know? 

In a time where there are hundreds of diets in the world. Individuality is key for long term health sustainability. 

Whether your goal is health or aesthetics. Individuality is remains the key factor.

Nutrition is more than a template with numbers given to someone to consume food.

Nutrition is finding an individual approach that will help YOU influence your health.

less to more nutrition related diseases:

- Down syndrome

- Sickle cell anemia

- Osteoporosis

- Cancer

- Infectious diseases

- Diabetes

- Hypertension

- Heart Disease

- Iron, vitamin and mineral deficiency

A sickle cell anemia patient will have different needs than a diabetes patient. Not one size fits all.

In the end, science has proven time and time again through different type of studies that nutrition can be a cause, but in other scenarios it can serve as a preventive or recovery either way Nutrition continues two be vital in both sides of the coin.

Individualized nutrition:

- designed to honor your body's best interest 

- focuses on biofeedback

- influences your health

- focuses on genetics & environment

- help prevent chronic disease 

- help with recovery/healing health conditions

- prepares you to live a meaningful and sustainable lifestyle 

... and the list goes on.


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