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Map your Health Through your Face.

Updated: May 5, 2020

Through the years I have been a HUGE advocate of the role nutrition, sleep and fitness play in our health.


What we eat, what we do and what we think can either improve or deteriorate our health.


A great rule of thumb is to pay attention to your biofeedback this includes your:

🌱Skin health
🌱Stress levels
🌱Bowel movement
🌱Stomach discomfort
🌱Menstrual cycle
🌱 Libido
🌱Bloating ... and the list goes on.

This can tell a story of how your health is on the inside.

Acne above the eyebrows can be an indicator

that your gallbladder may not be in its best health.

What to do: Reduce the consumption of fatty and processed foods in your diet.

Experiencing acne in between your eyebrows is said to have a connection with your liver.

What to do: Reduce smoking, too much alcohol and foods rich in fats.

Acne in forehead and upper liparea can be an indicator of, high stress levels, fatigue and/or poor digestive issues.

What to do: Get enough sleep 7-9 hours daily, drink plenty of water 100g daily, and adding ginger, leafy greens, and food high in probiotics like kefir.

Acne in temple of face can indicate poor circulation or issues with the heart.

What to do:Addspices like cayenne, cinnamon, and turmeric to your diet

+ more fruits and veggies like pomegranate and beets.

Acne in our cheekbone can mean ther might be a deficiency in your kidneys.

What to do:Add more antioxidants like blueberries into your diet, cauliflower, seabags, egg white.

Cheeks relate to stomach, spleen and respiratory system. Showing acne around this area can be a sign of stomach inflammation.

What to do:Eat high-fiber foods such as apples, oatmeal, broccoli, carrots, and beans.

Your right cheek is connected to your lungs and having acne in lower cheek can mean your respiratory issues and lack of oxygen.

What to do:Work on breathing exercises, meditation, add thyme, foods rich in Vitamin D.

Acne found in the chin are caused by hormonal imbalances, specifically sexual hormone imbalance.

What to do: Get enough sleep, minimize stress, add herbal teas, omega-3's, & more colorful veggies.

Acne on nose can mean there is aheart-related blockage that show up in the form of redness or blackheads, or breakoutsthat could be a sign of blood pressure or cholesterol problems.

What to do:Reduce sodium, increase your potassium with tomatoes, banana, pinto beans, lentils.

Right now it is a good time to track your respiratory system and be on the look out for your lung health.

At SYOA we spend a lot of time focusing on repairing the inside so that we can better help optimize your health in all areas of your life, build longevity and create a sustainable lifestyle for years to come.

Eat well and stay active,



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