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One Simple Way To Boost Your Health

One of the most common habit focus/improvements your coach will help instill and push you to achieve, is daily water intake.


So kuddos to all the coaches, who make water one of the pillars of health in their clients nutrition.


Here is why at SYOA we are big on and make it our top four pillars of health👇🏽:


Water is compromised of;

🌿75% body weight in infants

🌿60% body weight in adults

🌿55% body weight in the elderly


The brain and heart alone are composed of 73% water.


But most importantly, the next time you opt for juice, instead remember water is essential for;


👌🏽flushing bacteria from your bladder

👌🏽carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells

👌🏽maintaining electrolyte balance

👌🏽regulating body temperature

👌🏽stabilizing heartbeat

👌🏽maximizing physical performance and

… so much more.


A study done in women by the Journal of Nutrition demonstrated, a mild dehydration of 1-3% of body weight, can impair brain function.


1.4% fluid loss after exercise was shown to impair both mood and concentration and also increase the frequency of headaches.


Next time you may be experiencing more headaches, than usual or can’t seem to concentrate with your task;


Try increasing your water intake. We recommend to build on this habit.


Start with one 40 oz hydro flask, per day and move up weekly by 5 oz, until you’ve reached 1/2 in ounces in body weight.


If you are someone who has gotten this habit to the T, ensure to hit 1/2 ounces in body + 15-20 oz per 1 hour of exercise, per day.



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📄Disclaimer: Always consult with your doctor first.


Eat well and stay active,



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