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Resources Guide During COVID-19

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Hello friends, if you joined me on live this past Sunday. As promised, you can find some resources I shared with you based on my individual experience with Covid-19.


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Whether you have not experienced the virus, have symptoms or know someone who needs help figuring out what are the next steps into getting help during the Covid-19 this is for you.


Here is a starting point where you can look for helpful resources and guidance.


🔗AHIP; is the American Health Insurance Provider Plans. You will be able to find your health insurance with a description of what they cover in terms of the Covid-19. This will help you be prepared with what to expect if you or a loved one does experience the virus.


📃FFCRA; is the Family First Coronavirus Response Act. This will help you understand more information regarding your sick paid leave under your individual circumstance for the Covid-19 and more information about free testing for the virus.


🔗Virginia Residents; visit the Fairfax testing website to learn more on where you can get tested. If you do not meet the criteria for testing but need to get tested in order to get proof of documentation for your employer to pay you. .

🩺Dr. Lugo of Alexandria, VA is offering testing to patients in and out-of-network. You will have to pay as an out of network patient if your insurance does not cover the testing, but her clinic WILL test you regardless.


☎️DC Residents; visit the or call 855.363.0333 for more information and assistance.


🔗Maryland Residents; visit the for more information and assistance.




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