Science Truth V.2

The body requires six major nutrients used and needed by the body for growth, maintenance and repair.

Six nutrients are:

- Carbohydrate

- Protein

- Fats(lipids)

- Vitamin

- Minerals

- Water

Out of the six, four are organic. Carbon containing - - made by living things animals & plants.

- Carbohydrate

- Protein

- Fat


Out of the six, two are inorganic. Do not contain carbon - - made by non- living things soil & water.



Together these six important nutrients categorized in two groups are super important to our body for bodily functions to create health.

They work together and separately to provide us with:

- Energy (carbs, fats, protein)

- Brain, hormone, immune function (Vitamin & Minerals )

- Remove waste, regulate body temperature (Water)

This is why it is so important not to remove any of these from our nutrition, unless you have a medical/health condition that requires you to remove them.

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Scarleth Castro,BA Nutritionist, Health & Fitness Educator

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