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Sleep: the top transportation to Health!

Health. Behavior. Quality. Exercise. Longevity

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”.

Living in a modern time where the mind frame is programmed to constantly be grinding; a highly praised way of living. A way of living that has led us to sacrifice sleep over health.

When it comes to overall health, building health and longevity, performance, hitting PRs or body composition, and balancing hormones etc. sleep becomes one of the top health transportation to get us there!

Let’s not ignore or underutilize it! It cost $0 dollars and it is a good investment that yields the most profitable health returns.

Constantly functioning on sleep loss may affect:

· Brain function (cognitive and memory)

· Immune function

· Metabolism regulation

· Appetite regulation

· Hormonal function

· Cardiovascular system

· Increased stress responsivity

· Somatic pain (includes skin, tissue or muscle pain)

· Emotional distress

· Mood disorders

· Hypertension

· Impair gut & digestion

· Weight related issue; hard to lose fat; hard to gain muscle mass

· Type 2 diabetes & impaired glucose tolerance

(Medic et al., 2017, n.p.), (Institute of Medicine Committee of Sleep Medicine and Research, 2006, n.p.)

“Sleeplessness also relates to the changes in the immune response and the pattern of hormonal secretion, of the growth hormone in particular”. (Orzeł, 2010, n.p)

Improve sleep by:

· Focus on quality of living

· Minimize caffeine

· Create a schedule that removes electronics 1-2 hrs before bedtime

· Add a Epsom salt bath before bed with essential oil

· Add Vitamin D to your daily intake

· Eat enough; no more than 1-2 twice a year of being a caloric deficit for minimum 8-12 weeks

· Switch room temperature to cool

· Use sleeping mask

Remember, sleep is one of the top transportation to optimal health & health goals.

Want good hormonal balance. Sleep
Want to gain muscle. Sleep
Want to lose fat. Sleep
Want to recover better from your workouts. Sleep
Want to PR. Sleep
Want less acne. Sleep
Want regular & consistent menstrual cycles. Sleep
Want good libido. Sleep


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