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Regaining Momentum After the Holidays!

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

At two weeks in from the holiday season it seems to be perfect timing to touch base on solutions to guide us back into our normal nutrition, fitness and life routine-- to regain momentum.

Nothing outrageous.

By definition, regain means:

return to, get back to, find one’s way back to…

This is simply what it is to regain momentum in our regular routine-- to get back to the norm!

On the other hand, make up means:

serve or act to compensate for something lost, missed, or deficient.

Our bodies do not need to be compensated for enjoying some quality time with our loved ones or taking some time off when we want to!

Upon your return to normal activities it is normal that you may or will experience some bloating, fatigue, break outs. You may not be feeling like yourself, but this does not last for too long after you dial back in the right way which is by getting back to your normal routine.

Let’s dive into the New Year with some awesome memories from our holiday season and step forward with a good attitude and mindset to continue pushing forward, staying constant, being present, faithful in our process and abundantly loving.

Now, that you’ve gotten sometime to inhale this. Here are some simple solutions to help push you back in the direction you need to dial back into your regular routine.


- Regain control of sleep, 7-9 hrs

- Regain habit of hydrating, minimum ½ in ounce of body weight

- Regain momentum of meal planning/ prepping your meals

- Add more veggies than usual

- Move the body as much as you can during the day. (take the stairs instead of the elevator)

- Most importantly take baby steps and don’t rush your body

Detach from:

- Detox

- Fasting

- 30 day removal of certain food groups

- Weight loss pills

Typically things that yield fast results aren’t sustainable for the long term leading us to yo-yo dieting and ultimately affecting our health: hormones (progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone deficiency), gut, reproductive system, CNS and more.

Have patience and acquire the right information so you can start 2019 by breaking narratives and diet fads. We are too smart to fall for the easy way out. At the end, it does more harm than good!

Ready to break narratives by getting all the knowledge you need to live to your best health! Visit the service page to connect with me! I’d love to help you start a new lifestyle!

Stay balanced,


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