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Good vs Bad foods: Change the narrative.

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

New recipe on the blog: Honey Sriracha Veggie Flatbread Pizza

This week’s recipe opens the platform to debunk myths that surround us daily regarding ‘good vs bad’ foods.

When we think of meals like “pizza” we instantly associate or categorize it as ‘bad’ foods, restriction, obesity etc.

Today, I invite you to change the narrative. Instead of categorizing things, food, people into one category whether, it’s good or bad, white or black, big or small.

Why not focus on using terms to describe in this case food, our relationship with food, our health goals by replacing the above with terms like:

  • quality

  • purpose

  • function

  • adequate

  • moderate

  • nutritional

Why not choose ingredients that will help us sustain a long term lifestyle and add value to our health. Focus on ingredients that will:

  • make us feel better

  • enhance brain function

  • enhance our immunity

  • enhance our digestive system

  • repair our hormones

  • are non inflammatory

It really comes down to creating recipes that add and not subtract to our health and happiness and not whether it’s good or bad because in the end “good or bad” isn’t what improves our health, creates balance or sustains long term lifestyles.

Here at SYOA you can find developed recipes that represent balance, adequacy, moderation, variety, nutrition density, proportionality with simple ingredients to help you create a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle. —————————————————————————————

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