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Tomato and its health benefits

Updated: May 22, 2019

Tomatoes are a BIG fave at home. It’s a weekly staple we keep handy and use daily.

Here is how we use:

  • pico de gallo

  • we make ceviche almost every weekend

  • baked with garlic and olive oil

  • in soups

  • in toasts

  • in salads

  • with eggs/ omelette

Regular consumption of tomato has been associated with lower risk of chronic non communicable diseases, for example: cardiovascular disease, several types of cancer and inflammation. (Raiola teal., 2014)

More specifically epidemiological studies have associated tomato consumption with a decrease risk of prostate cancer. (Jain et al, 1999) take notes my male friends.

This is because of interaction of photochemical with metabolic pathways that are related to inflammatory responses and oxidative stress.

What’s your favorite way to add tomato to your meals? Share them with us and have others enjoy new ideas.


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