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Smoothie Sample 3: Highlighting the unusual ingredient, Oatmeal & its health benefits.

It’s smoothie sample day highlighting one of my LONG time favorite health ingredients of all time - - OATMEAL!

This one is called the “Healthier Skin” because its packed with ingredients that promote healthier skin, hair, and simply overall health.

Oatmeal has been a super BIG staple at home from forever. I pretty much use oats in everything I can possible think of, I add it to:

- Smoothies
- Protein Shake
- Oats & fruit bowl
- Muffins
- Overnight Oats
- I use it as a form to bread my meat/poultry
- I use it to cook stew
- I use it with my veggies to form a crispier taste when baking them
- And most recently I have incorporated oatmeal milk

Oats have been named the healthiest grains on earth. They are:

high in:

- Carbohydrates
- Fiber
- Omega-6 fatty acids
- Beta-glucan
- Antioxidants like Avenathramides that have shown anti-inflammatory effects (Mohsen, 2009, n.p.)
- Zinc
- Folate
- Iron
- Manganese
- Phosphorus
- Magnesium
- Copper
- Vitamin B1 & B5

Due to its rich properties it offers a wave of health benefits:

- Skin health (Acne, hair loss, eczema, rashes)
- Constipation
- Lower Cholesterol levels
- Increase good bacteria
- Reduce insulin response
- Lower blood sugar levels
- Increase feeling of fullness
- Improve celiac disease
- Anti-cancerous properties
- Improve early child asthma

One of the things I have been experiencing after my miscarriage is heavy hair loss due to the level of stress that such events like these places on a woman’s body.

I have been working daily on getting back into my health routine to continue adapting foods like oatmeal that are high in zinc, omega-6 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fats that stimulate hair growth.

As for skin health, it helps reduce acne by killing acne causing bacteria and remove skin dead cells.

Other studies found that the “consumption of 1–10 % of β-glucan was found to be successful in lowering cholesterol, glucose and insulin response in moderately hypercholesterolemic patients” . (Rasane et al., 2015, n.p.)

Disclaimer: Always consult with your doctor first.

Eat well and stay active, Scar


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Rasane, P., Jha, A., Sabikhi, L., Kumar, A., & Unnikrishnan, V. S. (2015). Nutritional advantages of oats and opportunities for its processing as value added foods - a review. Journal of food science and technology, 52(2), 662–675. doi:10.1007/s13197-013-1072-1

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