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Why is Tryptophan Important?

Why is tryptophan important?


Tryptophan is an essential amino acid deemed important for its role in maintaining a lot of health functions, but primarily creating serotonin and melatonin. (Wu, 2009, pg. 1)


Serotonin is involved in acting in various functions across our body including :

- Neural activity including stabilizing mood

- Cardiovascular function

- Bowel motility

- Bladder control


When our body runs low on this neurotransmitter, it has been associated with depression.


One study showed that “significantly reduced plasma levels of free tryptophan were seen in depressive patients” (Coppen et al., 1973)


Meanwhile, melatonin is a hormone naturally found in the body.


However, once serotonin has been produced from tryptophan it can be converted to melatonin which has been highly correlated to improving sleep.


Research has demonstrated that eating tryptophan rich foods can help individuals fall asleep faster and maintain a sleep for longer periods of time. (Fukushige et. al, 2014)


A study found that “tryptophan intake at breakfast combined with daytime light exposure on melatonin secretion and sleep quality. Evening saliva melatonin secretion changed significantly” (Fukushige et. al, 2014)


Add these to your nutrition to increase tryptophan and boost your mood and sleep:



🌿Turkey meat

🌿Walnut ...& more


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📄Disclaimer: Always consult with your doctor first.


Eat well and stay active,



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